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14 Maret 2010

What is Blog...?

Blog is one of many new words that have come into the English language because of new technology such as the internet. With blogs, anyone can be published on the internet.
Language doesn’t get any more inventive than in the world of computers and one new word that you may have heard a lot recently is blog, along perhaps with blogger, blogging, and even blogosphere.

A blog is an online diary, a journal that’s available on the web and it’s short for weblog.

Blog can be a noun, a blog, or a verb; to blog. The activity of updating a blog is "blogging" and someone who keeps a blog is a "blogger." The world of blogs is often referred to as the blogosphere.
Today, a blog is created every second and at the end of last year there were over 60 million blogs worldwide.

There are many blogs about the news, written by journalists, editors and members of the public, but when are blogs themselves in the news? After the shooting in Virginia Tech in April 2007 it came out that students were kept informed through blogs.

"News of the Virginia Tech tragedy has dominated US media outlets and mainstream blogs, while student blogs and social networking websites gave information online as the drama unfolded."

And another story from academic life:

"Academics who say they have been bullied are using a blog to record their experiences of alleged unfair treatment within universities."

Here’s a story about a blog that went wrong and didn’t have the desired effect. The headline was “Diplomat blog pulled after abuse.”

"A British diplomat's blog offering his thoughts on Thailand has been withdrawn after insults and accusations were posted on it by members of the public."
And look out for blogs that contain video as well as text; called, inventively blogs.

Or maybe you have something to say to the world, and want to start your own online diary. If so Happy Blogging!

So we heard there that there are a huge number of blogs on the internet. They are personal accounts or diaries, but other people can also add comments to them.

Some are just for fun, a personal account of someone’s life, or relating to a topic such as a hobby or interest. For example, there are blogs discussing computer games and music. Other blogs are more serious, talking about the news, politics or other issues.

Blogs are part of the world of internet communities. This means that people can communicate with their friends, and with strangers all around the world, using the internet. Blogs can also include sharing pictures, music and video with others.

Some other forms of online communities are message boards and chat rooms, which let people talk to others about all sorts of things, and social networking sites.

Social networking sites have become very popular recently. They allow people to share their thoughts and activities with their friends online. Each person has an area which they can update as often as they like, to tell friends what they are doing, and share photos, music, video and links to websites they enjoy.

Some people want their blogs and social networking pages to be visible only to their friends, while other people want to use them to make new friends on the internet.

Sometimes internet communities are in the news because of misuse of them, such as people spreading information about terrorist activities, or because of children having access to inappropriate material.


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  1. saya jadi ingat komentnya mba sri, Sebagai senjata publik, social media ( blog,fb,twiter..dll) adalah pedang berbilah dua. Di tangan orang baik, ia membawa perbaikan. Di tangan orang jahat, ia mendukung kejahatan..

    eh,,maap lupa ngga pake bs inggris..xixixi

  2. Ternyata dirimu rajin menyimak ya slama ini. guuuddd...1001x

    Anyway.. no problem no English..
    the improtant thing.. U and I understood lah..!!
    he he he...

    Thanks for visiting...!

  3. Owh,apa saya salah masuk ya? hehehe
    Betul sis,blog memang sangat membantu dalam mencari teman atau wawasan.

  4. Salah masuk..? Ya nggak la sis..
    Stuju.. blog memang bisa membantu mencari teman plus nambah wawasan...
    Berkunjung ke blog AISHALIFE-LINE jg nambah ilmu tu...

    Keep intouch..!!

  5. Yo'i lah, everything has couple side, good and bad. It depend on us, we'll make it for the good or something else.
    Look and do just for the best...
    *** Salam semangat bae lah... ***

  6. Thanks for visiting....this blog is moore beautiful....;)

    Kabar baik bu.....


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