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11 Juni 2009

Learning to Listen Our children

Talking about children behavior is very interesting. Moreover if we compare the children behavior away back and the era now. As Robert M.W Travers said: “Life is sequence of problems for most higher organism. What is undertaken today is not the same as what was undertaken yesterday, because situations, though similar from day to day, are not so alike that they can always be handled in precisely the same way.” (Essentials of Learning, fifth Edition, New York, Macmillan Publishing Co. Inc., 1982, on page 259).

Nowadays, maybe you face the children who is watching cartoons and with children singing “Say No To Drugs” in commercial breaks. Even they don’t know what does it mean? They scared to dream in the decreasing job market. Sometimes they are scared to love in the face of AIDS, and the worst thing they scared to trust in this violent society. Many parents confuse… Do we really have children or just short adult?

If you get trouble with this situation, here are some tips that we can try to do right now…

• Read their magazines and books to learn the issues and concerns of their age group.

• Watch television programs and movies with them to see what they are learning from TV.

• Listen to their music. Do the lyrics coincide with the morals you are teaching?

• Develop common interests. Try out a game or CD ROM, this will open up things to talk about and show your kids that you can relate on their level.

• Talk to teachers and guidance counselors at parent conferences. They deal with kids five days a week and can tell you the concerns of today's youth.

• Get to know your child's friends and their parents when they visit. This will give you another view of children your child's age.

But if you’re busy parents…hmmm… there is nothing you can do except…. manage your time for your children. The communication lines also need to stay open. Two keys roles in communicating are educating your child and learning to listen them.

7 komentar:

  1. Ok thanks, nice info and tips.

    Now i am learning to speak english. Help me ya ...ok ??

  2. Mmm.. memang orang tua juga perlu belajar untuk anaknya ya Mba Sri..

  3. Yeah, it's true and great things.
    Should I can be ....


  4. tulisannya sungguh mencerahkan, bu rahayu. sangat bermanfaat buat saya yang memang tenha memiliki anak yang sedang beranjak remaja, konon, sikap agresifnya tampak kuat ketika memasuki masa2 seperti ini.

  5. hiks hiks hiks......bahasa inggris bu guru.....q g paham.......

  6. anak harus menerima pendidikan sdini lagi pendidikan dari seorang ibu...wah harus itu...
    jangan serahkan anak anda utk didik orang lain...didiklah oleh anda sendiri..

  7. haha yaaaaa lumayan hihi
    miz u aunt


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